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A powerful adjunct in the renaissance of hair fiber. GENKI RI_GENESIS in synergy with the use of SIZUKA and GENKI act instantly at the topical level favoring the natural trophic of the hair bulb. Anti-fall treatment presupposes the use of Genki Ri-Genesis together with Sizuka shampoo and Genki anti-fall ampoules after the first symptoms of hair loss or scalp affection. Formula enriched with specific agents against the microorganisms present in dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

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A combination of treatment with latest formulas that use the found best for combat and slow down the fall of the hair, actively stimulates a progressive hair regrowth. Genki Ri _ Genesis in synergy of use A topical sizuka and Genki Energising lotion, shampoo and scalp, acts quickly to level surface against the negative action of DHT by blocking the effects of type 1 and 2 of the 5-alfareduttasi. Genki Ri _ Genesis is a powerful adjuvant in natural regrowth of the capillary fibre. Its formula enriched with specific natural agents, reduces fat micro-organisms present in individuals suffering from dandruff and dermatitis seborroica.

-Hypoallergenic formula
-Stimulating, disintoxicating, revivng
-Non-greasy formal incrementing hair compactness
-Cleansing action, soothes, reddening areas.

Box includes 1 250ml shampoo, 6 Genki Ri-genesis ampoules and 6 Genki ampoules.

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