Tattoo Chair 232

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Tattoo and Massage chair with adjustable head support, chest pad, arm rest and seat
Contoured shaped chest pad suits various body types
Metal frames provide a completely sturdy, durable and anti-squeak working platform
Rubber footing prevents the chair from shifting and floors from gouging
High Density Foam

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A hydraulic tattoo chair: The armrest as well as the legrests can be fully adjusted. The hydraulic cylinder allows the chair to rotate or to be moved up and down.

Chair Position: Allow your customer to sit up in the chair in multiple angles. The leg cushions also lower and raise separately. Legs can be spread apart for better positioning. Leg cushions can also be shorten when needed.

Straddle Position: The customer can straddling and hug the back rest. The chair also has a foot rest to add extra comfort when in this position. Head rests can be used or can be removed.

Bed Position: You can flatten the chair out to let your customer lie down or lie face up.

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